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Relken wins 2016 Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards - Most Outstanding Asset Management Services (Asia & Australasia)

Innovation and Excellence Awards 2016 Winner Relken

Relken Engineering is the proud recipient of the Corporate LiveWire 2016 Innovation & Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Asset Management Services in Asia and Australiasia.

Sponsored by the International Business Innovation Association, the Innovation & Excellence awards recognise businesses that have transformed over the past 12 months setting clear industry trends and advances.

Elizabeth Moore, Awards Director of the 2016 Innovation & Excellence Awards Winners Guide was simply thrilled with the stature of the winners this year. Elizabeth said: “The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence award winners have not only excelled within their respective sector but have also shown flexibility to adapt to industry changes. We are extremely proud of every single one of our winners and we look forward to seeing how they will continue to demonstrate their commitment in the future”.  

The judging panel at Corporate LiveWire considered the strengths of each shortlisted candidate, setting its sights firmly on the most innovative, groundbreaking and client-focused firms, teams and individuals who have transformed the way in which they do business. Each and every winner was chosen on merit and has shown excellence, innovation and strong leadership throughout their various activities over the past calendar year.

This year’s winners include Google for Innovation & Excellence in Automotive Engineering , Uber, Airbnb Inc, Microsoft, Baidu Inc, J. Knipper and Company, and Augentius Fund Administration to name a few.  

The following extract is taken from the Innovation and Excellence Award summary:

Relken Engineering is recognised for the outstanding delivery of asset management services that improve the performance of their client’s physical assets. Their growing team of highly qualified and experienced Asset Management consultants have successfully increased the productivity and reduced the total cost of ownership of for a large number of complex systems and equipment fleets across the Resources, Utilities and Defence sectors. 

Relken’s selection as this year’s winner reflects their flexible approach to understanding and solving asset management challenges. Their culture is built on a wealth of practical experience in the acquisition and sustainment of critical assets, complemented by each team member’s post graduate qualifications in reliability, risk or business. Co-founder Dr. Andrew O’Connor explains; “At Relken we believe that informed decision making is the cornerstone of successful asset management. We assemble asset management consultants of the highest possible calibre to provide meaningful recommendations based on solid theoretical and practical foundations.” 
The result of Relken’s approach to asset management is a clear difference in the value Relken delivers to its client, evidenced by an ever-increasing demand for their team of internationally awarded specialists.  
Co-founder Ben Mailler provides further insight into the basis of Relken’s success; “While most organisations can employ the basic suite of analysis techniques within the asset management industry, Relken’s depth of knowledge has allowed us to challenge templated approaches and develop tailored solutions that align an organisation’s tactical asset management activities to their strategic objectives. Our approach creates a common goal between executives and day-to-day asset management practitioners, along with improving the integration of different functional group activities.” 
Customer testimonials that were considered in the awarding of this achievement include:  
“The products and recommendations that Relken delivered far exceeded our expectations and have reduced the maintenance costs for the two systems to 50% and 7% of the original costs – with improved availability and safety.” 
     – Royal Australian Navy 
“All stakeholders, including other contractors, have commented on the thoroughness, detail and accuracy of the Relken analysis, modelling and deliverables” 
     – Aviation Company  
“I have been impressed by the effort taken to understand the details and requirements of the project and the high energy approach to develop practical solutions.” 
     – Utilities Company 
“Relken saved the Commonwealth in excess of $40M per year in ongoing platform sustainment costs” 
     – Army Aviation 
“I’m happy to say I received a significantly greater value of service from Relken and their deliverables than the price and delivery schedule would indicate.” 
     – Australian Army 
“We have engaged Relken on a number of occasions for complex improvement initiatives requiring a high level of internal and customer interaction.” 
     – Multinational manufacturer of mining equipment 
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