Data Analysis and Integration

Data Analysis and IntegrationOrganisations spend millions of dollars collecting data on their critical equipment and systems. At Relken we can help you unlock the information in your data to give you new insights into the performance of your systems and inform decision making. We also specialise in transforming Maintenance Management System data to be usable with specialist analysis tools.

We can:

  • Construct Statistical Models including

    • Parameter estimation

    • Monte Carlo Simulation

    • Bayesian Analysis

    • Confidence interval development

  • Provide Data Visualisation solutions

  • Develop Data Structures and Taxonomies

  • Interrogate and integrate data from Logistics Information Systems 

  • Perform detailed data analysis that inform corrective actions and support business decisions

  • Develop business cases to support corrective action projects

  • Develop dashboards that can be used to interrogate data or trend the impact of business decisions