Relken Engineering offers the following range of services:



Acclaimed for their ease of use, analytical power and unparalleled technical support, ReliaSoft's reliability software tools facilitate a comprehensive set of reliability engineering modeling and analysis techniques. Relken is an authorised ReliaSoft reseller within Australia.

Contractual Data Requirement Lists (CDRLs) and Data Item Deliverables (DIDs) (ASDEFCON)

Complex systems, acquisitions and sustainment programs often require a supporting suite of comprehensive data items and deliverables. Effective and compliant Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs) and Data Item Deliverables (DIDs) are critical to ensuring consistent delivery of capability. At Relken, our staff come from a background of authoring, reviewing and providing training on ASDEFCON contractual requirements, data items and deliverables. Our team has the experience and mindset of being ‘on the other side of the table’ evaluating and assessing contractor-submitted deliverables.

Performance Measurement

Understanding the performance of your organisation is essential to improving productivity and quantifying continuous improvement opportunities. The way in which you choose to measure your systems can have a large impact on how your organisation responds to an event. Effective organisations align their objectives to performance goals and then support this alignment through a performance measurement framework.

Data Analysis and Integration

Data Analysis and IntegrationOrganisations spend millions of dollars collecting data on their critical equipment and systems. At Relken we can help you unlock the information in your data to give you new insights into the performance of your systems and inform decision making. We also specialise in transforming Maintenance Management System data to be usable with specialist analysis tools.

Risk Assessments and Safety

Risk Assessments and SafetyRelken promotes a risk informed approach to asset management decisions and the operation of complex systems. This is where insights from probabilistic risk assessments are combined with other engineering insights to make informed risk decisions. Relken’s team of post graduate qualified risk professionals can provide structured methods for identifying what can go wrong and the consequences, as well as quantifying how likely that is to occur.

Systems Engineering

Relken’s engineering team have a wealth of experience providing Systems Engineering services to a wide range of military and commercial projects. We offer a structured and interdisciplinary approach to developing and managing complex systems from conception to disposal in order to manage technical risk and deliver positive outcomes for our clients. 


Systems engineering

Integrated Logistic Support

Integrated Logistics SupportSupporting complex systems is critical to the cost effective and consistent delivery of capability. At Relken, our focus is to enable informed decisions through the understanding of your assets and the systems that support them. Our expertise in the analysis of the fundamental drivers of support system effectiveness will allow you to move past templated solutions and make optimal decisions regarding the cost vs capability trade-off in support system design.    

Reliability Engineering

Reliability EngineeringThe reliability of your equipment directly affects safety, cost of ownership and performance. Relken’s team of certified reliability engineering professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you to understand and improve the Reliability, Availability and Maintainability of your critical assets.

Asset Management

Asset ManagementUnderstanding and managing your critical assets is essential to the success of your business. Relken promotes a structured and integrated approach to asset management and the development of specific asset management strategies based on understanding your systems and the key drivers of performance.


Relken Engineering provides a range of asset management, reliability engineering, integrated logistic support and risk training.